Creative Blogger Swap Reveal

A while back I posted that I was participating in the Creative Blogger Swap hosted by Emilie Lima Burke. I had a blast shopping for this swap and was so excited to receive my package from my partner. I was paired up with Alex from Glitz, Glitter, Gl[Amoure] and she picked some things that were definitely right up my alley. Here’s a look at what was in my package. (Sorry if the pictures were a little dark, was doing my best with my phone this evening).

IMG_3226She sent:

  • A pretty awesome year long Heidi Swapp planner/scrapbook
  • Journaling cards
  • Decorative Pearls
  • A Happiness Stamp and Ink Pad
  • ATC Fan Deck

I’m most excited about the Heidi Swapp scrapbook as I know I will definitely make use of this. Here’s a peek at the page for August. How cute is that?!


I will also make great use of the journal cards in my scrapbooking and my One Little Word project. Here’s a better look at those and that adorable happiness stamp.





Thanks so much for the great stuff Alex!

Be Prepared for Summer Sun with the Cappelli Straworld Pack A Hat

As much as I’m ready to see the end of rainy spring and early summer weather, we are not into full-on, close to 100 degree days here in Maryland. While I’m all about protecting my skin, I often forget just how useful a good sun hat can be for protecting your face, scalp, and neck. I’ve also never been keen on having to tote around a big, clunky hat. Enter the Cappelli Straworld Pack A Hat by Pacific Dorfman (you may remember I wrote about their rain hat last year). This hat retails for $25 and is basically a super flexible sun hat that folds down into a convenient pouch that is perfectly sized to also house some sunscreen or other essentials.

The Pack a Hat itself is made of a durable fabric that has a metallic sheen. It has a 4.5 inch floppy brim that provides protective coverage for your face and neck. The hat actually has a UPF 50+ rating, which is critical in hot summer months.


In this set, the hat coordinates with the wristlet bag, each in similar tones with a stripe pattern detail and metallic sheen. The hat fits snugly on the head, at least on mine (which I think is pretty average?), so no need to worry about it easily blowing away. The Pack A Hat comes in toast, royal, white, black and natural, and there are also a number of different bag options.



This Pack A Hat is perfect to keep in your bag when you’re on the go or to stow in your beach bag for that summer vacation. I know I’ll be taking this with me to Cancun in November. I think it has a chic and versatile silhouette that would go perfect with a casual maxi dress and your favorite sandals. The only downside is that if you leave it folded in the bag for a while, it can be a bit creased when you take it out. However, with some wear, the wrinkles fall out.

I know I’ll be enjoying this hat this summer. How about you? Would you use it?

You can check out the Pack A Hat and purchase it here.

Disclosure: I received a hat gratis for the purposes of writing this review, all opinions are my own based on my personal experiences with the product.


In Case of Emergency Graduation Gift // Printable

It’s graduation season and I have the perfect gift that’s easy to pull together at the last minute and is so much better than a check in a card. Let’s be honest, most graduates want cash. They’re either getting ready to head off to college (i.e. be broke for the foreseeable future) or are coming out of college and job hunting (i.e. still going to be broke for the foreseeable future). With that in mind, I whipped up this fun little printable you can use to give cash to your favorite graduate.

break glass 1

All you need to put this together is:

  •  In Case of Emergency Break Glass Printable (download .pdf here to print out)
  •  White Card Stock
  •  8 1/2 x 11″ Frame (I use the everyday value frame from A.C. Moore, it costs $2 and is super easy to put together)
  •  Scotch Tape
  •  Cash!

Just print out the image on the card stock, use a little tape roll to secure the money into the space and pop it in the frame. Simple, right? You can use a metallic sharpie to write a message on the back and you could also grab a mini hammer from the dollar store to include as well.

If you use it, let me know! So far everyone we’ve given one of these to has loved it!

A Creative Swap

I love swapping and I especially love participating in blogger swaps. I was excited to find the Creative Bloggers Swap hosted by Emelie Lima Burke. When I saw this, I knew it was right up my alley! I’ll be doing an unboxing post of the swap I receive and I can’t wait to start picking out goodies to send to my partner =)

Summer Ready Feet with Kushyfoot

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 9.41.02 PM

Now that that harsh cold of winter is over and we’re almost finished with the spring showers, it’s time to trade in boots and galoshes for peep toe pumps and ballet flats. One of the struggles I have with some of my favorite shoes, is not wanting to go bare foot in them. It’s easy to get blisters, wear away the soles, and we all know what a little summer sweat can do to our favorite pairs. It’s too hot to wear stocking and no one wants to be the person wearing socks and sandals. Kushyfoot provides my favorite solution to this problem in the form of liner-type socks, that are so low cut you can hardly notice them. I wrote about them a while back here, but they’ve come out with some great new variations that are perfect no matter which pair of shoes you’re sporting. Let me walk you through the different types, along with some pairings of my favorite summer shoes that they’re perfect for.

  • IMG_6251
  • IMG_6264

Athletic Foot Covers ($7.99 for 2 pair) These are perfect for the gym or running errands in your favorite sneakers. They are low cut and cushioned. They have a heel grip to keep them in place and arch support built in. These are probably the ones I use the most.

  • IMG_6253
  • IMG_6256

Lace Top Toe Cover ($7.99 for 2 pair) It never dawned on me that you could wear anything other than stockings with sling backs. These nifty little liners have a lace toe cap and a clear elastic sling back strap to keep them in place. Just place the liner strap under your shoe straps and no one’s the wiser. These make wearing sling-back shoes more comfortable and keep them from slipping around on your feet.

  • IMG_6252
  • IMG_6258

Peep-Toe Foot Cover ($3.99 per pair) Similar to the sling backs, I never thought of being able to wear anything other than stockings. These liners use a heel grip and separated toe opening to keep them in place without being noticed. These add some extra comfort to those sky high heels for a night out.

  • IMG_6254
  • IMG_6261
  • IMG_6262

Sheer Knee High ($5.99 per pair) These sheer knee highs are perfect to wear with your work pants or dressy summer capris. The stockings have a cotton sole for extra breathability that also features a massaging sensation for increased comfort. These are great for your work week pumps.

  • IMG_6249
  • IMG_6267

Foot Cover ($3.99 per pair) These are the classic cotton sole foot covers. These are perfect for your go-to flats. They protect your shoes and add extra comfort with the massaging soles. They stay in place and are also great with pumps, boots…really any shoes.

If you can’t tell, I still love Kushyfoot products. Sometimes the right footwear is all you need to take a pair of shoes from so-so to comfortable favorites. Have you tried Kushyfoot? What do you think? Also, Kushyfoot currently has a number of items on clearance for 50% off and you can get free shipping on order of $40 or more. Disclosure: The Kushyfoot products mentioned were provided gratis for the purposes of writing this review. All opinions are my own based on my personal experiences with the products. The shoe links are affiliate links generated via the Shopsense Affiliate Dashboard.

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