BA Star Tropical Eye Shadow Palette Giveaway!

A couple weeks ago I shared some of my favorite looks from the BA Star Tropical Eye Shadow Palette. It is really fun to experiment with, especially with these bright colors being to popular right now! BA Star has been awesome and offered to give two lucky readers their own Tropical Eye Shadow Palette and glue primer. Enter down below using the Rafflecopter widget.

BA Star Tropical Palette

To go along with the giveaway I put together another another inspiration look to show you a more wearable way to apply the product. For this look, I took the silver shade all the way across the lid and then blended a little bit of the purple in to give it some depth. Topped it off with a few coats of my favorite mascara for a perfect metallic evening out look.BA Star Silver lookt


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It’s the Weekend! (Well, Sort of)


Happy Friday everyone! Hopefully your week wasn’t as long as mine, I’ve been working for a while with a day off and will be working for another 10 days straight (hence the sort of in this post title). Things have been hectic to say the least…lots of 14 hour days, so please please bear with me for wanting to crawl into bed at the end of the day and feel guilty for not sharing something with you on here. I want to make it up to you. So much so that I have 2 awesome giveaways coming up.

The first is a makeup giveaway sponsored by BA Star that will go live on Monday along with another fun look from their Tropical Palette.

The second is (at least in my opinion) pretty darn awesome. It’s going to be a selection of my favorite items grouped together in one awesome gift set. For the past few weeks, I’ve been buying 2 of things, just so I can give them all away to you! It’s definitely going to be worth checking out. I don’t have an exact go-live date for that one, but I think it will be a week from Monday. Be sure to check my Instagram this week for some sneak peeks at what will be inside!

Ok, now let me get to bad before my morning self hates my night owl self for not getting enough sleep. Have an absolutely wonderful weekend all!

Blogmopolitan Quiz

Don’t you just love reading the Cosmo quizzes? I do! So today I’m linking up with Two Thirds Hazel for the third installment in the Blogmopolitan Quiz series. Go check it out, download one, and share! If you fill it out, leave me a link so I can read it!

The Blogmopolitan Quiz 2 Dana Renee

12 Stylish One-Piece Suits under $100

Although bikinis are cute, they’re not for everyone and there’s nothing wrong with that! A little curve hugging modesty can be just as alluring when you hit the beach or the pool. To keep your one piece looking stylish and far from the skirt-sporting aqua aerobics get-ups, follow some of these tips and check out my 12 favorite one-piece suits under $100 below:

  • Go for a bright color to make a statement. Bright colors are in right now and look great against tanned skin. Hot pink, red, and aqua are some of my personal favorites. You can even mix it up and go a neon banded suit like the one below.
  • It’s all in the details. Look for suits with little details that elevate them like side cut-outs, ruffles, or embellishments on the straps or waist band.
  • Look for rucking to hide trouble spots. Ruched bathing suits in classic colors like black or brown are very forgiving and look great on most body types.
  • Go for a classic cut with a twist like a polka dot print or vertical cut outs at the waist.

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BA Star Tropical Eye Shadow Palette + Inspiration Looks

If you read my makeup reviews, then you know I love BA Star cosmetics. If you’re not familiar with BA Star, they are a cosmetics company that specializes in products for cheer and dance teams, but you can definitely use their products as part of your regular looks! I previously reviewed their eye shadow palette and in that post I mentioned that I would love to try the Tropical Palette. Well, they heard my request because they recently sent me the Tropical Palette to try as well!

BA Star Tropical Palette

This palette retails for $8.75 (readers get 50% with promo code 50TROPIC) and includes 5 shades. There are four bright shades, a yellowish green, electric blue, bright purple, and hot pink, along with a silver shade. The texture of these shadows is similar to the other palette I reviewed. They have a lot of shimmer to them and highly pigmented. They have a fairly smooth consistency and there is minimal fallout when paired with BA Star’s primer glue. What I especially loved about this palette was how blend able the shades were.

I think this palette is perfect for festival/concert makeup and when you want a look with a lot of impact. Below are two of my favorite looks to create with this palette. You can find more inspirations from BA Star’s face charts that correspond to the palette.

BA Star Tropical 1

For this look, I covered the lid with the green, then blended the blue into the outer half of the lid. I worked the shadow into a little bit of cat eye shape, then accentuated that shape with liquid liner and mascara focused on the outer lashes. I finished it by smudging a bit of the blue and green blended together along the lower lash line. I pair this with a peach lip and minimal face makeup.


For the second look, I was dying to play with the hot pink shade. To create this look, I took the pink shade all the way across the lower half of the lid. Then I took the purple shade and, starting in the inner corner, pulled the shade across the top half of the lid and through the crease. I skipped liner with this look and focused on some serious lashes. I added a bit of blush and finished the look with a pink lip.

I had so much fun playing with these bright shades and I’m sure you will too! And for under $5 with the promo code you can’t beat the press. What are your favorite color combinations?

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