4 Gorgeous Cape Coats for Fall

If I had to pick one thing to put at the top of my fall fashion wish list, it is hands down a cape coat. Whether you want something casual for everyday wear or something a little more polished for evenings out, there is a cape coat out there for the occasion.

4 Cape Coats for Fall

You can’t go wrong with a cape in a neutral color like the camel one from Mango or the belted black one from Farfetch (which is definitely a splurge and honestly something to lust after, but too beautiful not to include). These will take you seamlessly from work week to weekend.

If you’re looking to keep it casual, try this navy one with buckles from She Inside. I also think I could live in the hooded gray one from Rose Gal (it also comes in black). Pair them with your favorite jeans and boots and you’re ready for any weekend adventure.

What’s at the top of your fall wish list?

Friday Eve // The End to a Really Long Week

Are you ready to for Friday and saying good riddance to this week? I know I am! This week has been nothing but trouble and I am ready for a good weekend and a fresh new start. I know I’ve been absent from the blogosphere until now, but real life was demanding all of my attention. On the flip side, the current contract I’ve been working on is wrapping next week and I’ll be taking a work break to focus on my health and school, leaving me with more time to share on here. I have some awesome ideas that I’ve been brainstorming for months and I can’t wait to actually move from brainstorming to action!

I’ve received so many messages of support from friends and family this week and I have to say you guys are the best! You really know how to lift a girl’s spirits. =D

Hope you all have a Happy Friday tomorrow and a weekend full of awesome!

Five Things // The Challenge Edition

This Five Things is all about challenges. Some of these I’ve started in the past and for one reason or another got sidetracked from and others are new adventures. I’d love if you join me in any or all of them!

100 Happy Days


You can read more about this challenge, and my first attempt, in my previous post. I’m restarting this challenge tomorrow and will be documenting it on Instagram. If you are participating, please let me know in the comments below!

30 Day Plank Challenge

Next up is the 30 day plank challenge. I’m not sure where this originated, but I got into it on Facebook. I got about halfway through last fall before having to quit because of an injury. Hopefully in 30 days (or maybe 60), a 300 second plank will be in my future!

Collect Screenshot - Photo View

I’m also challenging myself to document more of our everyday moments using the Collect App. This nifty app lets you add a picture and caption and automatically dates it. Then all you have to do is export them and print them out to have a beautifully simple photo calendar.\

I’m also doing the SELFIE workout challenge with my amazing friend/long distance workout buddy Mia. If you don’t know what the SELFIE challenge is all about, you can read more about it here. We are donating the money from any missed workouts to charity.

And last, but probably the most important, I’m challenging myself to stay on top of all my course reading this semester. I don’t want to have to be playing catch up!

Back to School Essentials

I can’t believe school is already starting back up next week. I have one year left to finish my LL.M., as if the first seven and a half weren’t enough! Aside from the heart-stopping textbook bill, there’s something exciting about shopping for back-to-school supplies. Even if you’re not in school, this is a great time to restock your office! Here are the things I think are essential to have on hand no matter where or what you’re studying.

Back to School Essentials


First, off you need a great bag to carry everything in. I love messenger bags and I think this distressed leather one is the perfect balance of fashion and function.

Next, spend a few dollars on a laptop sleeve. Take it from me, it’s worth it. It’ll keep crumbs, dust, debris, and whatever else might be lurking in your bag at bay.

Spend a few dollars to invest in your favorite pens and highlighters. You’re going to spend a lot of time studying and taking notes; it’s worth it to save time being frustrated with a pen that doesn’t work or a highlighter that smears the print. Those are my favorites above.

You’ll also want to get a pouch to keep those writing utensils to protect you from an accidental ink explosion or them marking up something they’re not supposed to (like that assignment you don’t have time to reprint).

Keeping things organized is a definite priority, so invest in a good notebook, like this Moleskine one, to jot down notes, along with a planner to keep track of classes, presentations, and appoints.

Sticky notes. These are your best friend. Use them for margin notes when you don’t want to write in your textbook and for moveable reminders in your planner.

Hand sanitizer. Again, you’ll become well-acquainted. Public areas are a breeding ground for whatever the illness-of-the-moment is. Keep some around to help avoid falling under the weather.

Keep a good pair of headphones on hand to watch lectures or listen to music while you’re studying. These also come in handy for a Hulu break to catch up on the most recent episode of The Mindy Project.

A spare phone charger because you will inevitably lose yours or it will burn out when you need it most.

Last, but not least, a makeup bag with some of your go-to products for primping before a date or happy hour.

What are your back to school essentials?

Five Things

I mentioned this in passing earlier in the week, but now there is a dedicated shopping page where you can find all of my favorite products and those that I mention on the blog. It will be updated each weekend with new picks, so check back! Go check it out here or go to the “Shop My Favorites” link under “Shop” in the nav menu.
Shop From Dana Renee Style


This cutie was making it difficult to finish some squares for the crochet swap I’m in.IMG_1025

We celebrated the hubby’s 31st birthday with a trip to the Maryland Live! Casino and dinner at The Prime Rib.


We managed to keep our tradition and squeeze in a trip to the Big Glen Burnie Carnival to share a funnel cake.


The most amazing gourmet mini donuts from the Glazey Days food truck at the Pasadena Flea Market. Cinnamon roll on the left and turtle on the right. Oh my yum!IMG_1037


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