Outfit of the Day // Holiday Gathering

OOTD Holiday Outfit

Whenever I get dressed for family holiday get togethers, I always try to strike a balance between being comfortable and looking pulled together. I love the look of this patterned dress with a soft cardigan. The boot from my recent foot injury really completed this look ;)

Dress: Ann Taylor (no longer available) // Cardigan and Shoes: Walmart // Purse: Saks Fifth Avenue Black Label (still available in black) // Necklace: Littman Jewelers

New Glasses + 4 Makeup Tips for Glasses Wearers

After loving my last pair of Firmoo glasses, I jumped at the chance to try out a second pair when they offered. This time I chose the F1006 style in brown. These are full frame, square style glasses made of acetate, which is a nice contrast to the more rectangular metal-sided glasses I’ve been wearing.


I love the process of shopping on Firmoo. You can upload a picture of yourself and try on all of the different styles. I will say that the glasses looked a bit bigger on my face in the picture, than they actually are (which was obvious in the proportions when I was buying), but I was able to get the feel for how each pair of frames fit with my personal style. Checking out is quick and easy. They prompt you to customize them with each necessary spec and your order is off for processing. Shipping is fairly quick, this pair took a bit longer than last time, but overall I was still pleased for a custom pair.

As for this particular pair, I really like them. The acetate frame is sturdy and sits well on the face. They are very comfortable and I really love the lack of the nose pads. The only downside I found on this pair was that the lenses seemed a little hazy compared to my previous pair. They are still clear and usable, and I’m sure Firmoo would have corrected it if I asked, but for what I need them for it doesn’t bother me. I’m usually in low-light environment anyway, so I don’t really notice. Overall, I’m still impressed with this company and the service they offer.

If you want to try out Firmoo, you can get your first pair free here (from a limited selection) or get 30% off any regular priced glasses with promo code HD30.


Makeup Tips for Glasses Wearers

1. Get glam with your eye makeup. Glasses bring the focus straight to your eyes, so play them up. Put on a few extra coats of mascara or try some winged liquid liner.

2.  Don’t forget about your brows. Your brows are right above where your glasses sit on your face, so they’ll be more of a focal point than usual. Be sure to groom them and fill them in, but don’t go too heavy. You don’t want to create a harsh brow line just about your frames.

3. Go for a bright lip. If you want to pull the focus away from your glasses, go for a bright lip. A pop of berry or matte red lip will draw the eye, but still look classy and timeless. Just be sure not to do heavy eye makeup and a bright lip, pick one.

4. Don’t over-contour. Contouring can be great when it’s done well, but when you add glasses into the mix you want to be careful about where and how heavy you contour your face. Glasses will create additional shadows that you also need to take into account. Be sure to put your glasses on before you start sculpting.

 Disclosure: I received a complimentary pair of my choice of Firmoo glasses for the purposes of writing this review. All opinions are my own based on my personal experience with the product.

Printable Holiday Gift Tags + 300 Posts!

I was just looking at my WordPress dashboard and realized I’ve just hit the 300 post mark for this little blog. This has been an awesome adventure and I’m so glad you’ve been a part of it! I wanted to add a little glam and spice to the regular holiday gift wrap, so I made up these little gift tags. Print them out on some card stock, punch a hole and add some ribbon or just tape it as is to the present. Just right click and save to download and print. I made these on the bigger side so that you can resize and scale them down to fit your needs. Enjoy! Seasons Greetings Beautiful Tag Merry Christmas Gorgeous Happy Holidays Hot Stuff Tag Please use these for your personal use only, but print and share them on as many gifts as you’d like!

Oh What a Week It’s Been

The last week has been a whirlwind right before the holidays. I’m going to get a little personal here and give a rundown of what’s been going on around our house recently.

Christmas Yoda

We decorated the house for Christmas. Put up the tree and hung all the ornaments with care (save for the one my mom broke, but she gave it to us lol). We put up icicle lights along the gutters and garland along the fence. And, of course, what yard wouldn’t be complete without an inflatable Christmas Yoda? (Note to self: expect this when you let your husband pick out Christmas decorations). I’m also currently rushing to finish addressing our Christmas cards and get them sent out. This year’s card is from Cardstore and I love it.

Dana Miller Christmas Card 2014

Finals wrapped up on my 17th semester of college, which is crazy when I think about it. I’m currently working on my LL.M. in Tax, which is basically an advanced law degree. I have now been studying law for longer than I was in undergrad. I graduate in May and I’m pretty excited for the next chapter.

We took a road trip up to New Jersey on Monday so I could visit my mom and see my favorite doctor. It is always so strange going back to the small town I went to high school in and see what has changed. The Wawa that was a staple part of my teenage years has closed and that alone throws me for a loop. I also dropped off this Elsa-inspired snow queen hat I crocheted for a friend’s daughter.


While we were up there we checked out the Christmas Tree Store and got my shopping done for my in-laws. I always try to find gifts that are functional, but not something you’d already have. Hope I didn’t miss the mark this year. Afterward, we went into the abyss that is Bed, Bath & Beyond, and my mind started spinning with gift ideas. I’ve jotted them down and will do a post on them later. They’d be great for housewarmings, birthdays, or any other special occasion too.

We’ve also had family members in and out of the hospital, myself included. I started going to Johns Hopkins to see if we can make some progress on my residual headaches after the Chiari surgery. They have some thoughts and I’m trying out some new treatment options. I’ll write more on my Chiari experience another day and explain a little more about the treatments before and after the surgery. The hubby is also getting his wisdom teeth and a broken tooth taken out tomorrow. So he is going to be out of commission for a few days.

Last, but not least, I’m on the hunt for the perfect ugly Christmas sweater for a party we’re going to Saturday night. If you know somewhere that has some good ones please let me know!

Hope everyone else has a great week and we’ll be back to your regularly scheduled blog programming tomorrow. Thanks for bearing with me! Holidays hugs!!!

Rainy Day Essential: Dorfman Pacific Scala Collezione Rainhat

I don’t know about where you live, but our usual winter snow flurries have been replaced with rain. Lots and lots of rain! This means pulling out some extra stops to keep from looking like a drenched cat when showing up to work or a holiday party. My new favorites rainy day essential has been the Dorfman Pacific Scala Collezione rainhat.


I used to think that rainhat’s were an “old people” thing. I would always fumble with my umbrella or try to race the rain and dart from the car to the door and hope for the best. Inevitably, the top of my hair and bangs would get soaked and my makeup would probably be running down my face. Silly behavior because this problem is totally avoidable. We spend hours getting ready and doing our hair and makeup to go out, why let the weather mess it up?


The Scala Collezione rainhat offers stylish and effective protection against the elements. This waterproof hat comes in khaki, charcoal, black, and wine. I also has a surprise pop of pattern with a polka dot lining. The hat is made of nylon and is very soft. The entire article is well-made and each seam is sturdy. The comfortable fit ensures that the hat will sit well on your head and will stay put even during a storm and the 3 inch brim keeps water away from your face.


I never thought I would be much of a rainhat wearer, but I am totally converted. This is faster than fumbling with an umbrella and it becomes an accessory of its own. It has a chic, clean line that goes with everything. Buy one in a shade to match your coat and you’ve got a chic outerwear ensemble.

This hat retails for about $25 and can be purchased at a number of retailers or online. This particular style is the LW281 hat. This would make a great gift for the commuter on your Christmas list!

Disclosure: Lipton Publicity provided me with this hat for the purposes of writing this review. All opinions are my own based on my personal experience with the product.

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