Valentia Royal Rose Hydrating Serum

Winter really did a number on my skin and now that we’re into spring, I’m realizing that I need to rethink my beauty regime a little. I’ve been looking for a heavy duty moisturizer for a while, but something that didn’t feel like medicine or crisco on my face. Enter the Valentia Royal Rose Serum.


This product has been a game changer for me. After just a few uses, my skin was smoother and more even. After a couple of weeks the dry patches completely disappeared. I love anything rose, but this really takes it to the next level. It has an amazing scent, but it also has a soothing effect when applied to the skin. It has also helped to balance out the inflammation and redness I get on my face from my Lupus.

I’ve been a long-time fan of Valentia, and I’m really impressed by this new addition. The packaging is sturdy, making it great for travel. The product is also alcohol and paraben free, leaving just good ingredients to work their magic on your skin. I would strongly recommend checking this product out!

You can buy Valentia on Amazon and find out more about the brand on their website

Disclosure: I received a gratis sample of the product for the purposes of writing this review. All opinions are my own based on my personal experiences with the product.

6 Perfect Baby Shower Gifts When It’s a Girl

6 Perfect Baby Shower Gifts

The baby shower invites have been rolling in so of course this has translated into lots of time spent shopping for gifts. Since I’ve been shopping for baby girls, I thought I would round up my favorite picks that will be sure to wow the recipient! (Even better–they’re all under $25)

  1. Have you noticed the picture trend all over social media of the baby next to a sign that usually says how old they are? Well these milestone cards ($10.99) take that a step further by having cards to signify all of baby’s milestones with a space to write in the date. Super adorable!
  2. The shower should also celebrate the mom-to-be and what better way to do it than with this tiara! ($9.48)
  3.  This awesome LED night light ($24.98) creates an aurora borealis effect all around the room. It’s pretty awesome, I even want one. Just because.
  4.  This cute keepsake frame ($19.95) even comes with an inkpad so that mom can take the prints.
  5.  This little black dress onesie ($21) will have the baby girl bringing her fashion game before she can even say Chanel.
  6. Can you believe this is a teething necklace? ($12.95) It’s super chic and also BPA-free and safe for baby.


Hask Mint Almond Oil Thickening Hair Care Collection

I love Hask hair products. They’ve been my go-to for a while now and they recently sent me their Mint Almond Oil Thickening Hair Care Collection to share with you.


The collection consists of a shampoo, conditioner, and root thickening spray. Guys! I can’t even tell you how much I love this set. First off, it smells a-maz-ing. I wasn’t sure about mint almond when I first heard it, but it has this cool, refreshing scent that leaves your hair smelling great all day.

As for the thickening, I was impressed. I naturally have pretty thick hair so I usually stay away from products like this, but due to some health issues my hair has thinned out over the last year or so. This product helps revive it back to what it looked like prior to it thinning. It give your hair some beautiful volume and the root thickening spray livens up flat roots near the scalp. A little bit of these products and a good blow dry, and you’ve got hair that could make beauty queens jealous. Just kidding! But it really does liven up your locks.

Another great set from Hask and if it hits on your hair care issues, I highly recommend trying it out.

Creative Overwhelm

Creative Overwhelm

For the last few weeks I have been in a state of what I can only describe as creative overwhelm. Having a creative project is my get-away from the day to day. It’s my balance to what is otherwise a very technical and academic profession. Having something creative to fill my spare time helps me to relax and work through my stress.

Lately, I’ve been trying to figure out what my next project will be and I’ve been lucky enough to be inundated with ideas. And that’s never a bad thing! The problem I’m having is how to pick which idea to pursue and develop. These aren’t the type of projects that could be completed in an afternoon, but some bigger undertakings that would takes months to develop. I don’t know why but I’m scared of picking the wrong one!

I’m in love with all of these ideas and prioritizing them is proving to be a major challenge. So I thought I’d share a little bit of insight into my process and see what tips if any you all would have to add to the list.

  1. Do a brain dump: I have an idea book that I keep with me and when I have inspiration I start writing and filling it up. I’ll jot down ideas as they come to me, flesh them out as best I can, and make a list of questions I have to look into.
  2. Do a little research: Next I’ll look into the ideas to see if anyone else out there has already done it. I don’t want to reinvent the wheel and I don’t want to just rehash what someone else has already put out. If I can’t find a comp, then it makes the short list.
  3. Outline, outline, outline: For those that make the short list, I start outlining what all it would entail. What are the pieces, the chapters, the elements that would have to come together. I’ll do this for each idea.
  4. Trust my intuition: Ultimately, I go with my gut and whatever project feels right. What inspires me, what do I find myself wanting to work on, which one am I daydreaming about.

The problem is my intuition is torn between 3 really amazing projects. I need to make a decision soon. How do you decide which path to follow when inspiration strikes multiple times?

5 Favorite Things This Week

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 7.00.24 PM

I’ve been on a spending freeze for a few weeks and this week the hubby treated me to a few amazing little finds.

  1. Flow Magazine Book for Paper Lovers Vol. 3 I picked this up at Barnes & Noble and it is full of amazing gems. Glitter postcards, tag, wrapping paper, wall art…I just keep looking through it over and over finding new things each time.
  2. Anemone Demi Perfume I discovered this perfume while wandering through Punch! in Federal Hill and new that I needed to add it into my rotation. It’s a well rounded sweet and floral scent that’s a perfect every day perfume.
  3. Madison Leigh Fit and Flare Party Dress I found this beauty in Burlington at Arundel Mills and thought it would be perfect to wear to one of the many weddings we’ll be attending this year.
  4.  Pineapple Cilantro Melrose Candle They had this burning today in Punch! and omg it’s delicious. It’s the only thing on this list I didn’t buy, but I’ll probably be going back for it.
  5. Lucky Feather Dreamer and Doer Necklace Another amazing Punch! find. This little beauty perfectly sums up where I’m at in my life right now.

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